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AppliedMicro’s high-speed, power-efficient family of embedded processing solutions provides the ideal balance for conserving energy and lowering costs while maintaining high performance. Our embedded products provide an optimized solution for a variety of applications including next-generation multifunction printers, enterprise control plane processing, Network-Attached Storage (NAS) systems, wireless routers and access points, and a variety of industrial applications by offering the industry’s most advanced capabilities in power management, security and concurrency. The HeliX™ family of SoCs are architected for power management, and include advanced functionality such as inline packet processing, look aside hardware offloads, and tamper detection and response circuitry for applications demanding low-power operation, end-to-end security and RTOS concurrency.

HeliX™ Family

AppliedMicro’s HeliX family represents the world’s first 64-bit ARM for the embedded market. Combining power efficiency with high performance, the HeliX architecture is optimized for applications such as next-generation enterprise control plane processing, wired and wireless networking, advanced network attached storage and multi-function printers. The HeliX architecture provides the industry’s most advanced capabilities in power management and security, yielding an unprecedented improvement in performance per watt per dollar against existing solutions in the market. The HeliX architecture provides a platform whose components can play the role of various functions that operate today as single/multiple CPUs, ASICs, and/or FPGAs, creating solutions for performance and power sensitive applications.

Developers can get started with HeliX by using the X-Gene based X-C1™ Development Platform. X-C1 provides a hardware reference design and software development kit with open source software.


The Catalina processor represents a high-performance System on a Chip® for advanced network attached storage, consumer wireless access point and media gateway systems for the connected home market. Catalina supports all of the rigorous performance requirements of next generation access points while simultaneously enabling high quality storing, streaming and sharing triple-play services across connected home appliances.

Mamba Family

All devices in the PACKETPro family offer unprecedented low-power operation, clone protection, failover resiliency and SLIMpro intelligent SoC management. They are optimized for next-generation multifunction printers, enterprise control planes, consumer NAS systems, wireless access points and industrial applications by offering the industry’s most advanced capabilities in power management, security and concurrency.


The Keelback processors deliver the industry’s most advanced, but cost effective network security measures for enhanced protection against intrusion threats, system hacking and theft of system-level intellectual property. They provide an ideal processing solution for next generation Enterprise access points, switches and anything else in which system intrusion is of concern.

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