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Data Center

Today’s cloud-scale data center operators look for three key benefits from their next-generation server and connectivity products: high performance, high density, and low power consumption. The outcomes include a great end-user experience, lower operating costs and a greener planet. Both X-Gene™ and X-Weave® are purpose-built for large-scale public and private cloud and enterprise environments. Whether it’s our brawny cores, high-speed connectivity, carrier-grade reliability, packing more retrieve-and-compute capability in an existing data center footprint, or lowering power and operating costs by up to 70%, X-Gene and X-Weave deliver the goods.

X-Gene Family

AppliedMicro’s X-Gene Family consists of X-Gene, the world’s first Server on a Chip Solution, and our X-Gene based X-C1™ Server Development Platform. Virtually a data center in a box, X-C1 is a full server system solution, featuring a hardware reference design and software development kit with both open source software and software from leading vendors such as Canonical and Citrix.

Announced future products include our 28 nanometer X-Gene2 next-generation Server on a Chip solution featuring scale out to 100Gbps connectivity, and X-Gene3, to be fabricated using advanced FinFET process technology. X-Gene2 will sample to customers in 2014.

X-Weave® Family

X-Weave products are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of public cloud, private cloud, and enterprise data centers. The X-Weave product family, with its unique multi protocol feature set and high density, low power footprint, will address the high growth, billion-dollar-plus data center connectivity market. The X-Weave family of products supports 10Gbps, 40Gbps and 100Gbps of connectivity with integrated analog I/O for a variety of optical and copper connectivity interfaces. X-Weave spans rack and cluster connectivity within the data center and seamlessly extends to connect multiple data centers together over DWDM optical links.

Please visit MyAPM for a more extensive product list including those under legacy.