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In transport networks linking cities and countries around the globe, AppliedMicro leads the industry by leveraging innovative IP in mixed-signal, low-power silicon to enable telecommunications carriers to converge voice-based networks into a high speed Internet technology. The transition enables the seamless delivery of video, voice and data services as traffic volumes continue to explode. AppliedMicro’s 10 Gigabit per second framer-mapper-physical layer devices are designed into multi-service switches, routers and dense wavelength division multiplex equipment in long-haul, core and metropolitan networks. The Company’s embedded processors are designed into cellular base stations that enable mobile device communications. Systems equipped with AppliedMicro’s solutions enable Telco’s to deploy higher data rate broadband connections, high reliability, low error rates, low latency and high quality of service.


PQx is the industry’s highest-density, lowest-power 10G/40G optical transport network (OTN) framer/PHY system-on-a-chip (SoC) for Carrier Ethernet router and WDM transport systems. With 60 Gigabits of total capacity, the PQx is a key enabler for telecom and datacom customers to deploy next-generation 100G systems and cloud computing applications.

PQx is AppliedMicro’s third generation of OTN framer device with integrated high-speed PHYs and fractional-N clock synthesizers. Building on the success of the company’s Rubicon, Pemaquid, and Yahara devices, PQx provides the industry’s highest I/O bandwidth at 240 Gbps at high-performance and maintains compliance to various standards such as SONET/SDH, XFP/SFP+, and SFI5.1/CFP.


The X12 and X24 products are versatile, highly integrated, low power devices that support 24 10G ports, 6 40G ports and 2 100G ports Ethernet or OTN interfaces. They are ideal for high capacity Carrier Ethernet router/switch, packet optical transport system and DWDM Transport systems. With their integrated high performance SerDes physical interface, they provide a seamless connection to optical modules and copper cable connections. The rich suite of Carrier Ethernet features, OTN mapping modes, provisional FEC ensure interoperability among multiple system OEMs.


The X12/X240 products integrate 100G Gearbox functionality with Ethernet PHY and OTN framer, delivering a cost and power optimized small foot print solution. The X120/X240 are ideal for high capacity Carrier Ethernet router/switches, Packet Optical Transport systems and DWDM Transport systems. Its integrated, high performance SerDes interfaces seamlessly with optical modules and direct attach copper cables. The X120/X240’s rich suite of Carrier Ethernet features, OTN mapping modes and provisional FEC ensure interoperability among multiple system OEMs.


The Gearbox product family meets the unique delivery, density, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) needs of a variety of 100G applications ranging from sevice provider to cloud and enterprise data centers.

AppliedMicro’s 100G Gearbox family provides developers with low power consumption and cost while ensuring increased reliability, unparalleled performance, and advanced network diagnostics. Innovative features such as 10G/40G/100G support, in service eye monitors, virtual lane identification and Multi-Link Gearbox (MLG) functionality are just a few of examples of how AppliedMicro sets itself apart from the competition. The Gearbox family from AppliedMicro sets the industry benchmark in the 100G PHY segment.


AppliedMicro’s S28032 provides a flexible interface to connect either FPGAs or ASICs running hard or soft-decision FEC (Forward-Error Correction) on a 10- or 20-lane SFI-S bus to optical drivers for PM-QPSK and other DWDM optical systems. The S28032 supports line rates from 27 Gbps through 31.8 Gbps.

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