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Red Hat Summit 2015: The Journey to 64-Bit ARM Servers for the Enterprise

June 23, 2015 | in Blog

By John Williams, VP Marketing

AppliedMicro is excited to be at the Red Hat Summit again this year to demonstrate real-world workloads running on 64-bit ARM, and to celebrate a new milestone in our partnership with Red Hat on the journey toward enablement of the ARM 64-bit ecosystem.

AppliedMicro and our partners have been diligently working to enable real world applications for hyperscale architectures on 64-bit ARM servers. Apache Spark is a popular emerging technology for real-time Big Data analytics and becoming a key technology to watch for many of our customer’s data analytics environments. Thanks to the hard work and partnership between Red Hat, HP and AppliedMicro, it is now possible for anyone to view the AppliedMicro-based HPMoonshot ProLiant m400 running Apache Spark on Red Hat in the HP Discovery Lab at The demonstration includes a live streaming analysis of public tweets. Each inbound tweet is filtered to find tweets containing associated geographic information, then currently trending hashtags in various geographic regions of the world are identified. The information is then plotted on a navigable map for further analysis and trend identification. If you are attending the Summit this week, come find us in the Partner Pavilion in the HP booth where we will run this Spark demo, and discuss our progress with 64-bit ARM ecosystem and customer enablement.

We are thrilled about the latest milestone announced by Red Hat this week on their journey to bring support for 64-bit ARM servers to the enterprise. You can find the specifics of Red Hat’s announcement here. Red Hat’s progress to date with 64-bit ARM servers is a culmination of hard work that began over 4 years ago by a group of visionaries within the company working with ecosystem partners like AppliedMicro.

Looking back, here are some of the key milestones that AppliedMicro helped enable to help make Red Hat’s progress with 64-bit ARM possible:

October 2011: AppliedMicro, ARM and Red Hat announced a collaboration to develop a disruptive 64-bit server design platform to dramatically lower the TCO of cloud computing, data centers and enterprises.

November 2012: AppliedMicro, Red Hat and several other companies joined forces to launch the Linaro Enterprise Group, to accelerate the development of foundational software for ARM Server Linux. Red Hat announced Fedora 19 remix for 64-bit ARM, enabled by X-Gene hardware.

March 2013: AppliedMicro sampled reference boards containing its X-Gene Server on a Chip to Red Hat.

June 2013: Jon Masters and the Fedora team show the world’s first public ARMv8 demo running a full Linux distribution at Red Hat Summit.

Oct 2013: Fedora for 64-bit ARM is demonstrated on a Dell/AppliedMicro development platform

January 2014: ARM announced the platform standard for ARMv8-A based (64-bit) servers known as the ARM ‘Server Base System Architecture’ (SBSA) specification. Red Hat and AppliedMicro are among the founding enablement partners for the specification.

April 2014: Red Hat demonstrates rack level provisioning on AppliedMicro X-Gene Servers.

July 2014: Red Hat launched the Red Hat ARM Partner Early Access Program (PEAP) to facilitate partner-initiated system designs based on the 64-bit ARMv8-A architecture that include Red Hat software. AppliedMicro is a supporting partner of PEAP.

Feb 2015: Red Hat ARM PEAP expands to include more than 35 member companies demonstrating the
increasing acceptance and importance of the ARM-based servers.

As you can see, a lot of hard work got us to where we are today. We believe Red Hat’s multi-year investment to date in the ARM ecosystem demonstrates their commitment to alternative architectures and will help build a solid foundation for the future of 64-bit ARM servers. We also think it’s important to reflect on how many years that Red Hat and its ecosystem has devoted to make the code robust and reliable. Their latest announcement provides an enterprise-class early development platform for ISV, OEM and hardware partners, and our respective customers to continue the journey to enterprise-availability of 64-bit ARM servers.

Come see us this week in the HP’s booth in the Partner Pavillion and attend the session led by Jon Masters and Yan Fisher from Red Hat called Developing Red Hat Enterprise Linux for 64-bit ARM (Wednesday June 24th at 10:40am) to learn more.

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