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AppliedMicro Helps Launch Red Hat’s ARM Partner Early Access Program

August 01, 2014 | in Blog

AppliedMicro Helps Launch Red Hat’s ARM Partner Early Access Program

By Mike Major, VP Corporate Marketing on August 1, 2014

AppliedMicro and Red Hat have had a long standing partnership and we’re excited to announce our latest development. AppliedMicro announces our participation and support of Red Hat’s newly launched ARM Partner Early Access Program (PEAP). The news underscores our joint efforts to enable data center innovation based on the 64-bit capable ARMv8-A architecture and allows us to better address the evolving ARM ecosystem through a variety of benefits including access to early stage development software, documentation and tools.

For more than three years, Red Hat and AppliedMicro have collaborated on support for the 64-bit ARMv8 architecture within the Linux community, demonstrating open source technologies running on AppliedMicro’s X-Gene™ Server on a Chip™ solution at every major step along the road. As a refresher, take a look at some of those key steps below:

October 2011: AppliedMicro, ARM and Red Hat announced a collaboration to develop a disruptive 64-bit server design platform to dramatically lower the TCO of cloud computing, data centers and enterprises.

November 2012: AppliedMicro, Red Hat and several other companies joined forces to launch the Linaro Enterprise Group, to accelerate the development of foundational software for ARM Server Linux. Red Hat announced Fedora 19 remix for 64-bit ARM, enabled by X-Gene hardware.

March 2013: AppliedMicro sampled reference boards containing its X-Gene Server on a Chip to Red Hat.

April 2014: Red Hat demonstrates rack level provisioning on X-Gene Servers.

That brings us to the launch of PEAP. The PEAP enables the ARMv8 ecosystem of silicon vendors, OEMs and ISVs, and ensures that implementations of the new architecture follow industry standards with a unified single common operating system. The PEAP partnership promotes an effective way of providing improvements and optimizations to the final product to reach enterprise grade.

AppliedMicro’s X-Gene is the only ARM 64-bit Server on a Chip solution in production today, and X-Gene 2 is the only second generation ARM 64-bit Server on a Chip solution sampling today. We understand and appreciate the importance of creating a common development platform based on Red Hat technologies. AppliedMicro looks forward to continuing our collaboration with Red Hat and continuing to provide differentiated solutions and tools to our customers that seek high performance, high density, low power, low TCO server solutions.

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