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Applied Micro Circuits Corporation is a global leader in computing and connectivity solutions for next-generation cloud infrastructure and data centers. AppliedMicro delivers silicon solutions that dramatically lower total cost of ownership. With a strong heritage in innovation, and a clear commitment to energy efficiency, AppliedMicro is bringing breakthrough technology advances to telecommunications, data centers, enterprise and consumers.


Product Data Center Carrier Embedded

World’s First ARMv8 64-bit Server on a Chip® Solution

HeliX™ 1

World’s First ARMv8 64-bit SOC Solution for the embedded market.

HeliX™ 2

Second-generation ARMv8 64-bit SOC Solution for the embedded market.


High-performance System on a Chip® for advanced network attached storage,...

Green Mamba

Offers the industry’s most advanced capabilities in power management,...

Black Mamba

Optimized for next-generation enterprise control planes, multifunction...


The most economical member of our single/dual core pin compatible...


Industry’s most advanced, yet cost effective network security measures for...


Product Data Center Carrier Embedded

Versatile, highly integrated, low power devices that supports 24 10G ports, 6...


Highly integrated, low power 120 Gbps or 240 Gbps Smart PHY OTN...

Gearbox 1

Integrated 100G mux/demux with unparalleled electrical performance...

Gearbox 2

Integrated 100G mux/demux with 10 lane bypass mode and rich diagnostics...

Multi-Link Gearbox 1.0

Integrated 100G mux/demux facilitates transport of up to 10...


Lowest power, highest performance CMOS Multiplexer

PQ20E/ PQ40E/ PQ60E

Highly-integrated VLSI device designed for carrying Ethernet...


Highly-integrated VLSI device designed to carry 6 x 10G or 1 x 40G...

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