Fireside Chat: Marc Andreessen and Andy Bectholsheim

Andreessen, “Within the data center, from an architecture standpoint, that are I/O bound. It’s all about power and cooling and efficiency and space in the data center.”

February 05, 2014 in Videos

CEO Paramesh Gopi at Open Compute Summit V

Dr. Gopi presents X-Gene™ Has Arrived in Servers. Highlights include X-Gene is here and soon ready for cloud and enterprise deployment; X-Gene 2, expected to sample in Spring 2014, will be the world’s first ARMv8 scale-out Server on Chip™, massively dense, with native support for RoCE; and, X-Gene 3 will be fabricated in a FinFET process, offer 16+ cores, and scale out to 240Gbps Ethernet I/O.

January 31, 2014 in Videos