Open Compute Summit V: APM Driving Open Cloud-Scale Server Platforms from Promise to Reality

Following a great week at the Open Compute Summit V in San Jose, we continue to see significant momentum toward AppliedMicro’s X-Gene™ in the data center.

February 18, 2014 in Blog

AppliedMicro’s X-Gene: 2013 Year in Review

It has been quite a year for AppliedMicro and our mission to substantially reduce total cost of ownership for next-generation cloud servers. AppliedMicro was first to sample ARM® 64-bit (ARMv8) server silicon to customers and partners and we continue to be the only company offering a fully integrated Server on a Chip™ solution specifically designed for the cloud.

December 20, 2013 in Blog

AppliedMicro Partners with Industry Leaders to Enable the ARMv8 Server Ecosystem

Today’s cloud-scale data center operators look for three key benefits from their next-generation server products: high performance computing and connectivity, high density and low total cost of ownership. The outcomes include a great end-user experience, reduced power consumption and a greener planet.

December 17, 2013 in Blog

ARM TechCon 2013: APM with Oracle, HP, Dell & Red Hat Showcase Production Grade X-Gene…

If you attended ARM® TechCon 2013, you certainly noticed that we’ve delivered the first ever production grade ARMv8 high performance Server on Chip™ product in the history of the industry and that it is now in many different customer platforms.

October 31, 2013 in Blog