Applied Micro Circuits Corporation is a global leader in computing and connectivity solutions for next-generation cloud infrastructure and data centers. AppliedMicro delivers silicon solutions that dramatically lower total cost of ownership. Corporate headquarters are located in Sunnyvale, California. Our base business consists of a broad array of embedded computing and connectivity products. Our flagship X-Gene® Server-on-a-Chip™ product will lead our entire product portfolio in hyperscale data centers, increasing by 2016 our overall addressable market to as much as 10x that of 2008 levels. We anticipate our new addressable market will consist of server solutions for cloud data centers and enterprise applications, data center connectivity solutions and a variety of related products including routers, network-attached storage appliances, top of rack switches, and wireless access points. No other small-cap semiconductor company can match the explosive addressable market growth we have engineered.

X-Gene builds on our history as a global leader in providing energy-efficient, sustainable solutions to process and transport information for current and next generation networks. Being a leader in processor design, embedded processor System-on-Chip (SoC) design, mixed-signal design, high speed signal processing, Internet protocol, OTN and Ethernet packet processing gives AppliedMicro the foundation to compete and excel in the next several generations of solutions.

Data Center and Enterprise

High speed, low power connectivity and computing solutions provide the ideal balance for systems and products that conserve energy and lower costs while maintaining high performance.

As the need for delivery capability, density and lower total cost of ownership emerge as key differentiators of their products and services, data centers will require high-speed connections to transfer information between systems more efficiently to enable virtualization and cloud computing applications. X-Gene, the world’s first and currently only ARM 64-bit Server-on-a-Chip solution, features our enterprise class high performance Cloud Processor™ cores coupled with switch fabric and high-speed networking capabilities. Combined, they deliver substantially lower power consumption and substantial total cost of ownership (TCO) savings. X-Gene represents a new, grounds-up Cloud Server™ solution tailored for the rapid growth of structured and unstructured compute requirements in next generation data centers.


As optical and wireless network data traffic grows rapidly, AppliedMicro supplies 10/40/100-Gigabit semiconductors to enable virtualization and cloud computing applications.

In transport networks linking cities and countries around the globe, AppliedMicro leads the industry by leveraging innovative IP in mixed-signal, low-power silicon to enable telecommunications carriers to converge voice-based networks into a high speed Internet technology. The transition enables the seamless delivery of video, voice and data services as traffic volumes continue to explode. AppliedMicro’s 10 Gigabit per second framer-mapper-physical layer devices are designed into multi-service switches, routers and dense wavelength division multiplex equipment in long-haul, core and metropolitan networks. The Company’s embedded processors are designed into cellular base stations that enable mobile device communications. Systems equipped with AppliedMicro’s solutions enable Telco’s to deploy higher data rate broadband connections, high reliability, low error rates, low latency and high quality of service.

Consumer and Small-to-Medium Business

Our silicon solutions—expertly designed for emerging application areas—accelerate customer time to market with the addition of fully-optimized reference designs.

As more devices in the home and small office connect to the Internet, requirements for networking capabilities, video delivery and packet processing grow. AppliedMicro provides high performance embedded processing to enable emerging classes of devices in the home and small office to take on video, virtualization, storage and other tasks where processors built only for data processing fall short. AppliedMicro is uniquely qualified to provide high performance, power efficient solutions that provide high speed connectivity for emerging applications in the telecommunications, data center and consumer/SMB markets.

SoC architecture that AppliedMicro provides with its single-core and multi-core processors offload routine tasks so that consumers get the seamless delivery of video, voice and data to their networked devices. The Company’s embedded processors are found in market leading networked attached storage devices, home media servers, wireless access points, network access gateways and multi-function printers.

Energy Efficiency

Electronic devices for consumer mobile applications must be extremely energy efficient because they are designed to maximize battery life. AppliedMicro is leading innovative efforts to apply mobile design and device technology to the silicon solutions for its data center and telco customers in order to drive down the overall power consumption of equipment. Data centers today consume about 2.5 percent of domestic energy production annually according to a 2007 study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the energy demands are increasing rapidly as the technology becomes more pervasive in everyday life. AppliedMicro will supply its data center and telco customers with energy efficient Server-on-a-Chip devices that allow their systems to attain higher performance levels while reducing their overall carbon footprint and TCO.

Our Partners

AppliedMicro builds extensive relationships with its customers and suppliers in order to deliver the solutions that accelerate time-to-market and capture market share with leading-edge capabilities. The Company uses its design expertise to assess the needs of end markets in order to develop devices that will provide its partners with a competitive edge. It also engages with customers at every level of the system design phase so that product integration becomes a seamless process, allowing OEMs to get to market with advanced features intended to enable market share growth. AppliedMicro partners benefit from our advanced semiconductor designs, comprehensive evaluation boards and full-featured reference designs with software and a comprehensive ecosystem of third-party vendors that all help AppliedMicro’s customers to complete development tasks successfully.


With a strong heritage in innovation, and a clear commitment to energy efficiency, AppliedMicro is bringing breakthrough technology advances to telecommunications, data centers, enterprise and consumers. Our management team and employees are aggressively focused in executing the vision to realize a business breakout of a magnitude seldom seen in the semiconductor industry.